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Happy New Year 2004 to all the Nepalse People
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I am Mohan Shrestha from Balaju, Taudal. My permanent address is Chatre-deurali VDC ward no: 6 Dadhing, Swana gaun Bagamati zone Nepal. I am study in Saraswoti Multiple Campus at Second year and working Aviation & Tourism Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. GSA for Royal Brunei Airlines Hattisar, Kathamandu , Nepal. We have a five brother and two sister with my with father and mother. Older twice sister and twice brother are marriage.Now, I have a two youngest brother they are study in secondary school. My first brother Mr. Rameshor Shrestha was gone to work in Malaysia and second brother Mr. Mangal was gone to work in Saudi Arabia. My father and mother is a farmer so they are work in the agriculture. We are poor family because working hard.

My Village name is Swana gaun. This place far from Kathmandu Baypas to 10 km western. I like to tell How to go my village. First, Now you have  in Balaju bypas chok. then you have turn to go western side and walk walk or go by bus form bypas to 6 km western then see Mudkhu gate. This period you have to see or pass Fulbari gate and cross to Santi gupha (crave ),more  restaurants and bar than see rainfall there people are save water on the tranker then you have nearly to Mudkhu gate) When you have arrival to mudkhu gate then turn to left side and go to forest road until not pass to 4 km. then you can see army camp. My village nearly by two minute from army camp. My village is a small and beautiful lap of Nagarjun forest otherwise top of other village, all to see other place, village and mountain. There are no more population and there are around 30 to 40 houses. All people are Newari communities.  My village is a rich of nature but not developed . There are one Primary School and Temple.

My country Nepal is located between longitude 80o4' and 88o12' and between latitude 26o22' and 30o27'. It borders the Peoples Republic of China in the north and India in the east, south and west. Nepal has a breadth east to west of 885 km, a mean width of 193 km and covers an area of 147,181 sq km. Topographically the Country is divided into three bands running the full breadth and comprising the Terai (southern plains), the Mid-Hills and the Mountains. The Mid-Hills and Mountains together represent 83% of the total area of Nepal. the hill areas are geologically very young and active, and are affected by a constant tectonic uplifting accompanied by down-cutting of the river systems. This action on the predominately soft and deeply weathered nature of the rock has produced extremely rugged topography with local differences in elevation varying from 500 meters to 3,500 meters and rising to 8,848 meters (Mount Everest) above mean sea level. The resulting steep, unstable and highly erodible slopes are divided into many gullies and small valleys and the provision and maintenance of even basic infrastructure in such extreme conditions is both difficult and costly. the Country is administered through five development regions: eastern, central, western, mid-western and far-western. These are further subdivided into 14 zones, 75 districts, 58 municipalities, and 3,914 Village Development Committees. Although the declared policy of Government is to decentralist development responsibility to the local level, this is proving difficult in practice due, in part, to the lack of local capability and hence, poor resource mobilization.

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