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Hoodia Side Effects

Hoodia is the safest, most effective and powerful appetite suppressant in history.

Hoodia is an organic pill that kills the appetite and attacks obesity.

Hoodia has no known side effects, and contains a molecule that fools your brain into believing you are full.

Absence of hoodia side effects has led to millions of dollars being spent in marketing a reliable formulation. Phytopharm plans to bring out meal-replacement hoodia products on supermarket shelves by 2008. In December 2004, it teamed up with Unilever to utilize the active P57 molecule in the market within 3 years. Unilever will contribute $21 million to the project. Pfizer, maker of viagra, held the rights till recently when it pulled out owing to failure in formulating the product.

Hoodia side effects are none, and that is what seems to make it the wonder appetite suppresent herb it is being considered to be by everyone involved. According to CBS,
people are spending over $40 billion in all on weight loss products designed to help them slim down. Most of them have side effects and are not doing well. Some products like ephedra have been pulled out. With no hoodia side effects reported, is it the wonder cure for the so-called obesity epidemic in the United States?

Subjects given hoodia ended up eating about 1,000 calories a day less than those in the control group. Animal studies showed hoodia to lower food intake by 30-40%.

Hoodia demonstrates no cardiovascular side effects such as thermal or nervous system acceleration or increased blood pressure commonly observed in other weight loss programs.

The absence of hoodia side effects brought it to the attention of the South African national laboratory that took 30 years to isolate and identify the specific appetite-suppressing ingredient, P57. The molecule was isolated, patented and licensed to Phytopharm for marketing.

These pages reflect the results from customers that bought and used ONLY the products shown in our Sales Guide and sent them to me by email. I'm sorry folks but I can't report on peoples disappointments when they buy fake Hoodia products instead of listening to my advice. Buy the products on the Sales Guide page or don't buy anything at all. If you would like to post your results visit hoodia gordonii side effects. I have NOT posted the emails I got from people who used products other than the ones we recommend OR combined hoodia with other products, this way the results based on the products I tested stay true


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