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Hoodia is a genus in the plant family Apocynaceae, in the part of the family previously treated as a separate family Asclepiadaceae. They are stem succulents that can reach up to 1 m high and present exuberant flowers, hoodia patchoften with flesh colour and strong smell. Hoodias are protected plants, typical of the Namib Desert, ranging from Central Namibia to southern Angola, especially in plains and rocky areas. Common names include "Bushman's Hat" and "Queen of the Namib". The indigenous Bushmen call this plant Xhoba.

We researched over 100 Hoodia weight loss products from the most popular name brands to the least expensive Hoodia diet products. We weeded out the top Hoodia products and further researched each Hoodia products' credentials, ingredient quality, potential to safely suppress one's appetite and anticipated results and we ranked each product accordingly.

The list we composed provides the absolute best Hoodia products that we could find. These selected products are ones that we felt offer the most safe and effective weight loss potential on the market today, as well as, offering the best value. If you did not find the Hoodia weight loss product you use or are interested in on this list,
chances are it did not rank in the top 10.

Moreover, our research revealed that only a single Hoodia product, Hoodia911, ranked #1 in our research, displayed a USDA 'Protected Plant' permit required for the importation of Hoodia gordonii to the USA.

What if you could fool your brain into believing you are full? Imagine the weight you could lose if you could JUST REDUCE your appetite! Hoodia is an ugly cactus that grows deep inside the African Kalahari desert thriving in extremely high temperatures. The San Bushmen of the Kalahari, one of the world's oldest and most primitive tribes, have been eating the Hoodia plant for thousands of years, to stave off hunger during long hunting trips. When South African scientists were routinely testing it, they discovered the plant contained a previously unknown molecule, which has since been christened P57. This molecule fools your brain into believing you are full making it easier to lose that excess weight. Pure Hoodia has no known side-effects, it is stimulant free, will not give you the shakes, make your heart race or raise your body


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