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Bingo Cafe

Bingo Cafe

Bingo Cafe -
Bingo Cafe is a Leapfrog powered bingo hall. You can visit Bingo Cafe at Bingo Cafe Games
Bingo Cafe offers a great variety of games, both bingo games and slots and jackpot related games. Some of these include:

Fruit Frenzy
Bingo Bonanza
Cash Carousel
That's just a sample selection of the many fun games available at

Bingo Cafe Bonus Information
Bingo Cafe offers a free, no deposit bonus just for downloading and trying out their software. You'll receive 10 free bingo cards and 25 free slot pulls with no deposit required when you download and try their software. also offers a first deposit bonus of 100% up to a maximum bonus of $100.
Registration occurs almost immediately before any downloading takes place. You enter in all your personal details, choose an alias and log in with your selected password. After that, a software download takes place and you can immediately roam about the bingo café.

The overall bingo jackpot is accumulated by the deposits made and bingo cards bought. The more bingo cards a player purchases, the more the bingo jackpot will be. Plus, there are many other jackpot prizes that take place daily.

The interface's theme is set in a café where players receive characters and can move their characters around with the mouse. Once upstairs, you can chose which game you want to play. The onscreen information is simple and easy to follow.

Bingo cards only cost 25c each, and players can purchase a maximum of 25 cards to play with.

There are four bingo tables situated in the digital bingo hall, where players can immediately enter any conversations once they seat themselves at a specific table. Conversations are conducted in different speech bubbles allowing the player to play and interact with other users.