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Itís all over the news! Bingo is the new rock and roll! More and more people in their twenties are catching the bingo fever in the United States.

The game was typically appealing to a more mature audience, but recent marketing efforts have successfully reached a much younger customer base. Can you believe this?

Who would have thought that the going out to clubs and pubs experience would be transformed into bingo-hall-hopping?

So, now you know it! Thereís a bingo fever out there. You better catch it! Learn the basics at and start taking part of this.

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Bingo is a game of chance. The only element of skill in Bingo is the ability to mark your cards correctly, and to pay enough attention so as to know when you have won. If this seems too complex fear not because with online bingo you can now select automated functions that mark your card for you.

If you use the "auto-daub" function your card will be filled out as your numbers are called. If you turn on the "auto-bingo" function you will never miss another Bingo again! It does take away some of the excitement but it is also a sure-fire way to ensure that there are no mistakes in your game. Avoiding errors is the most important strategic decision you can make in bingo.

Another interesting online bingo strategy is to buy more cards if the total prize money justifies it. You need to weigh up the cost of each card, the number of total cards in play, and the available prize money. At a certain point it will no longer be statistically correct to buy more cards, but there will be games where it is advantageous to buy multiple cards. Expert bingo strategists have suggested that four cards is the optimal number, but this can shift up or down depending on the number of opponents you have to face, and the total prize money you are competing for.

Once you have multiple cards there are two divergent strategies that both have their fans in the cutthroat world of online bingo analysis. The one school of thought suggests that it is best to make sure that the numbers on your cards differ as much as possible from one another. This is a more conservative approach to online bingo, or to playing lotteries in general. The argument is that if you have the same number on two or more cards and that number fails to come up you have compromised the value of more than one of your cards. Spreading out the numbers spreads out the risk, so that you will still have live cards left.

The riskier argument is diametrically opposed to this cautious approach. Here, using what is known as the numbers-concentration method, the idea is that if you overlap numbers on your cards, and with online bingo cards you can easily select your own numbers, then you double or triple up every time you hit a number. We favor playing this second strategy. In lottery games you will need a lot of luck to win, so it makes sense to maximize that luck when it goes your way. Use clusters of the same numbers across multiple cards, thereby increasing your opportunity to win every time you hit a number.


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