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Hoodia Gordonii is a serious weight loss pill, health investigations have revealed. Hoodia Gordonii is a natural appetite suppressant taken from a cactus plant. It is gaining widespread popularity as the strongest potential weight loss pill ever developed. If you've read about hoodia you know it sounds convincing: lose weight without feeling hungry. Could it be any easier?

Take a good look at the science and reality of using a hoodia diet pill. The first scientific investigation of the plant was conducted at South Africa’s national laboratory in the 1960's. They proved when they fed it to animals, the animals ate it and lost weight. They spent 30 years isolating and identifying the specific appetite-suppressing ingredient in hoodia. When finished they applied for a patent and licensed it to Phytopharm.

FACT - Phytopharm spent more than $30 million on research, including clinical trials with obese volunteers that yielded positive results. People given hoodia ended up eating between 900 and 1,050 calories a day less, than those who did not take Hoodia. The fact is if you eat this Hoodia every day you will NOT eat as much as you have in the past. I know because it has worked for me for 7 months now. Simple calorie reduction means easy stress free weight loss. Your body cannot create fat out of nothing.

Keep in mind I was only 180 pounds when I lost the 32 pounds over the course of 4 months so those of you who weigh considerably more will lose considerably more weight using Gordonii. The only thing not proven is whether it can help you lose the LAST ten pounds. Most people aren't worried about the last ten pounds, they are worried about the first 90 pounds. I guess the last ten pounds are up to you.

Clearly the science on hoodia so far is quite positive. One comment I will make however, there have been no widespread clinical trials examining the safety of hoodia as a nutritional supplement. Although no problems have been reported, and the African tribesman chew hoodia daily with no bad effects, the fact is it hasn't been out long enough to know for sure for Anglo's living in the US. There's nothing in the research that shows hoodia dangerous, especially for those wishing to experiment for a few months with this appetite suppressant. There is also nothing to show that it's 100% safe for everyone.

This cactus is something that comes with a convincing amount of evidence for long-term use by indigenous cultures. Even the San tribesmen used it daily. My experiences are as follows: Hoodia does suppress your appetite. The dosage necessary to suppress my appetite was less than the dosages claimed by many websites selling the hoodia diet pill. Hoodia Diet PillsSome formulas contain 800mg of hoodia per serving and recommend you take two a day. I found that I needed 400mg of hoodia three times a day to have the best effect. So, my overall quantity was more but the dosages were spread out. You will need to experiment to find the perfect balance for yourself. The nice thing is it only takes a day or two to determine the best results...hoodia works fast. Heavier people (I am down from 180 to 149) may need greater dosages to see the benefits.

This website has 45 pages of information on Hoodia Gordonii and how it will definitely make you lose weight. If your tired of reading and just want to order some visit these companies. They seem to have the best deal. I ordered mine on Monday and had it sent overnight. Started taking Hoodia on Tuesday night and didn't eat again until Friday night at a late party. I wasn't really hungry then but I didn't want to be rude at my wife's get together. Anyway I have been taking the Hoodia Gordonii for 2 months now and the results are incredible. I only eat when I want to now, and at special events, because I really have no appetite to speak of. The plant is so strong it even takes away your thirst, so make sure and drink lots of water! It feels pretty cool not being controlled by stomach pains.

Hoodia does not counteract the blood sugar drops occurring from eating refined carbohydrates like soft drinks, cookies, white bread, white rice and other simple carbohydrates. If you eat LOTS of bad carbs, your appetite won't be lowered much. Hoodia works good with a controlled carbohydrate diet, and works BEST by using it to eliminate hunger altogether and straight fasting for about 2 out of every three meals (this is my approach).

Hoodia gets overpowered by heavy weight lifting workouts. If you are strength training, Gordonii probably won't work well. I still use hoodia, even though I am at my perfect weight now and completely happy. My wife is quite impressed with my changes. She doesn't use Hoodia anymore because she now weighs less than 122 pounds and is a fitness instructor.

If you buy hoodia, have realistic expectations about what will really be required to lose weight. On the Internet on some crazy web sites hoodia is sold as "magic". In reality, the plant simply erases most of your appetite and hunger pains so you can consume less calories without stressing all day.

Keep in mind if you keep eating like you always have, you're going to gain weight. Hoodia doesn't change the laws of physics. But it does suppress your hunger, allowing you to take control over your eating instead of letting your genes do the driving. The only way you're going to lose weight is to eat less. Hoodia, in large enough doses, helps you do that, freeing you from hunger pangs.

Also keep in mind that Gordonii hoodia diet pill has worked for the San Busmen but they walk alot. So help your diet by doing cardiovascular exercises like walking, jogging, swimming, etc.

People in the hoodia study did NO aerobic activity and still lost weight. However you will lost more with little to moderate exercise. DON"T overdo it. TOO many heavy workouts like body building or weight training will overpower the Hoodia and you will be back to eating too much.

Don't over dose on hoodia. If you take ten pills or drink an entire bottle of hoodia juice, you will just make yourself sick and waste your money. Be smart. Lose weight gradually. Drink lots of water, exercise regularly, skip refined carbs, and take hoodia in reasonable doses.

Hoodia is not a drug. If you buy the right kind it is an all natural dietary supplement. IMPORTANT - If you haven't read our Hoodia Buyers Checklist do so before making a purchase. We do not sell Hoodia but this guide will tell you what to look out for and where to buy the hoodia diet pill


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