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Hoodia Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
In this section we will be posting frequently asked questions and answers regarding hoodia. If a relevant answer can be found in one of our articles, we will point you to the correct article.


What is Hoodia?

Hoodia is a succulent plant that grows in the Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa. For thousands of years the Bushmen have chewed on Hoodia Gordonii (one specific species of the hoodia plant) to fight off hunger for days on end. It is this appetite suppressant effect of hoodia that has made it so popular today.

To learn more - please click here to read our article on the history of hoodia.

Does Hoodia Gordonii really suppress appetite?

Yes! If you can get pure Kalahari Desert Hoodia Gordonii you will be amazed at how well it works in suppressing your appetite. Here is what Leslie Stahl said on CBS News 60 Minutes...

So how did it work? Stahl says she had no after effects - no funny taste in her mouth, no queasy stomach, and no racing heart. She also wasn't hungry all day, even when she would normally have a pang around mealtime. And, she also had no desire to eat or drink the entire day. "I'd have to say it did work," says Stahl.
- Leslie Stahl reporting on CBS News 60 Minutes (11/21/04)

To learn more about how Hoodia works - please click here to read our article on the science of Hoodia.

How much weight will I lose if I use Hoodia?

That really depends on your diet and exercise. Hoodia is an amazing weapon to cut hunger and cravings, of course we all still need to eat. What you decide to eat for your meals and how much you exercise will determine how much weight you lose.

For most people, it is those late night snacks and in between meal cravings that are the hardest to deal with. Hoodia will help reduce the desire to snack, since you trick your brain into thinking you are full. Therefore, if you have healthy meals and exercise, you should see significant weight loss - all without side effects!

How long before I see results?

If you using a quality hoodia supplement (like Hoodia Hoodia) you should see results within 14 days. While some people will notice appetite suppression within the first few days of using hoodia, for other people the body needs more time to build up the active ingredients in hoodia. For this reason, you should stick with taking a hoodia supplement as directed for at least 14 days before judging its effectiveness.

It is also important to drink 8 ounces of water when taking hoodia capsules, this helps the hoodia get fully absorbed into your body.

Is there anyone who should not use Hoodia?

While hoodia is considered very safe and side effect free, we do not feel that women who are pregnant or nursing should use hoodia supplements. In addition, if you have high blood pressure, you may want to check with your Doctor before using a hoodia supplement. It makes sense to always check with your doctor before starting any new supplements program.

I have heard you should only buy Hoodia from South Africa - is this true?

South Africa the country or South Africa the southern region of Africa? I know this sounds like splitting hairs, but let us explain. The Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert have used hoodia gordonii for thousands of years to suppress appetite. So, you want to get hoodia from the Kalahari Desert. Quick geography lesson - the Kalahari Desert is in southern Africa and covers over 100,000 sq mi. Numerous countries have land in the Kalahari Desert including: South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

The Bushmen primarily live and travel across South Africa and Botswana. So, the hoodia that the Bushmen use is not only found in the country of South Africa, but also in the country of Botswana - located in southern Africa. You can get very good hoodia gordonii from the Botswana section of the Kalahari Desert, which is not South Africa (the country) hoodia. For this reason we think it is more accurate to say "You should only get Hoodia Gordonii from the Kalahari Desert".

When does 400mg of Hoodia really equal 240mg of Hoodia?

When the Hoodia supplement you are taking uses the WHOLE Hoodia plant. Only the core of the Hoodia plant has the components to produce an appetite suppressant effect. The Bushmen always cut off the flowers, root and skin (which make up 40% of the weight of the Hoodia plant) before eating the Hoodia plant. So, if your Hoodia supplement uses "the whole hoodia plant" - 40% of what you are getting is worthless. This means that their 400mg capsule of Hoodia only contains 240mg of hoodia core - the part of the plant that suppresses appetite.

You can read more about this trick in our article - "How to make a worthless Hoodia Supplement!"

How can I tell if the Hoodia supplement I have is legitimate?

Read through our website! Seriously, the primary reason for creating this web site was to educate people on hoodia and how to intelligently purchase hoodia. We are not going to lie to you - it is a confusing industry since everyone swears they have the best product in the world.

Please read our articles - How to make a worthless Hoodia Supplement! and How to make the most effective Hoodia Supplement to learn more about the Hoodia business.

What is the deal with 20:1 Hoodia Extracts?

You will see a number of Hoodia supplements that claim to use a 20:1 Hoodia extract. They make the claim that "taking one of our 200mg capsules is the equivalent of eating 4 grams of the Hoodia plant". We find the Hoodia Extract claims both misleading and potentially in violation of various patent laws.

As we stated in our History of Hoodia article, Phytopharm owns a patent on the "process to extract the hoodia plant". Phytopharm uses about 20 lbs of raw hoodia gordonii plant to produce 1 lb of hoodia for weight loss applications. This is where the "20:1 extract" terminology comes from. Again, we are not lawyers, but we believe if you say you use a 20:1 extract of the hoodia gordonii plant to produce an appetite suppressant, you are violating Phytopharm's patent on the process to extract hoodia and the use of hoodia as an appetite suppressant. While Phytopharm has not been actively enforcing its patent, we feel the lawsuits will come shortly against companies claiming a 20:1 extraction.

We find the 20:1 Extract claim misleading in that technically it is not an extract - it is just a concentrate. Companies are not extracting a certain portion of the hoodia plant that is 20 times as powerful as the rest of the plant. It is simply what they call a "wet versus dry number." If you take 20 pounds of raw hoodia (wet) and dry it, turn it into chips and process it into to powder (dry) you only end up with 1 pound. To be accurate, this should be a called a 20:1 concentrate, not an extraction.

What about all the cheaper Hoodia supplements on the market?

We know that on paper, there are Hoodia supplements that look like a better deal than the Hoodia Hoodia. We contacted most of these "cheaper pure hoodia" companies and were not impressed by what we heard. We got deceptive answers to some of our questions and just plain lies to others.

In the end, we were able to determine what raw Hoodia Gordonii from the Kalahari desert costs per kilogram. Once we had this number, we did the math to see if the Hoodia Hoodia was fairly priced. What we found was, not only is Hoodia Hoodia the Gold Standard of Hoodia, it is also very competitively priced. The company is looking to make money on volume, therefore, there is very little markup on each bottle of hoodia.

Interestingly, some other companies are claiming to sell Hoodia supplements for 50% less than what it costs to buy the raw Hoodia from South Africa. This leads us to believe they are using hoodia from China or Mexico (which costs 400% less than South African hoodia), even though they falsely claim their hoodia is from South Africa. The problem is the math doesn't work out, so the old saying holds true - "You get what you pay for".


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