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Pure Hoodia

Pure Hoodia Review plus Comparison Review Brands of South African Pure Hoodia Gordonii Diet Pills First, let's define what we are calling the term "pure hoodia", most people now describe pure hoodia as the hoodia gordonii succulent plant that is imported from South Africa, ground into a powder and then formed into diet pills, capsules or tablets. The most effective part of the hoodia plant is the core or "heart" of the succulent ( a cactus like plant). So if you want the purest hoodia, you should look Pure Hoodiafor a hoodia brand that uses the core of the hoodia plant and not the leaves, flower or roots. The testing and certification process also plays an important role in you getting pure hoodia. There are many plants in South Africa that look like the hoodia plant and when a businesses hoodia supply relies on unregulated export these other plants can get mixed in with the real hoodia. That is why independent testing, certifications and licensed suppliers are an important final step in getting pure hoodia.

The Pure Hoodia comparison chart below is based on the lowest cost per day, with the best priced pure Hoodia at the top. It is important to note that although price is important, testing and certification are equally important in getting Pure Hoodia. The Hoodia brand we found that did random independent testing and had the most certifications is Desert Burn. Many Hoodia consumers are now also concerned about being able to return Hoodia Products if they don't work for them. The two companies we found that had the best return policies were Hoodia 750, which has a 200% Guarantee and both Optimum Hoodia and Hoodia XR, were the only two brands we found that allow you to return opened bottles.



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